Hisense search a 65" 4k TV with Excellent image quality


Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a new TV, actually I have a 40" Full HD, and the viewing distance is about 3 meters, so i think that i have to at least search a 65" 4k. I watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, normal channels (so DTT), and gaming with Xbox One S. The budget is about 7/800 EUR (800/900 USD). I like in a TV the image quality and the perfect black, but I know that is impossible to buy an OLED. I have read that Samsung uses a VA panel, a panel that enhances the black quality, at the expense of viewing angle, typical of IPS, right?
So the features that TV must, or should, have, are: Excellent image quality, faithful colors and black, and a nice general speed. I hope you can help me. Thank you!


The problem for you is going to be HDR picture quality on cheaper TVs. It can cause issues if you use HDR on a TV that doesn't come with ample hardware and models like the Sony XF9005 and Samsung Q70R which are the cheapest TVs to offer issue-free HDR tend to cost quite a bit over your budget at 65".

I'd suggest saving some time longer and raising the budget for those models at 65" if you can, since 3m distance is rather long for a 55" TV.