Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV, how is it?


Sharp held a press conference and officially released the AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV, 4K 120Hz, 65-inch priced at 16,999 yuan.


This series of TVs uses the next-generation large-screen display technology AQUOS XLED. According to Sharp, the new TV uses active Active Mini LED technology with 2160 backlight partitions. Compared with traditional LCD TVs, its peak brightness has been increased by 3 times, up to 1800nits.

The new Sharp quantum dot wide color gamut technology can restore the purest red, green and blue primary colors of nature.

AQUOS XLED is equipped with the new Flare Brightness technology, which analyzes the brightness of adjacent areas, making the junction of the dark field and the bright field pure and distinct, making the dark field dark and the bright white dazzling.

In terms of configuration, this TV uses a new generation of Magic Dali S2X chip, standard 4GB+128GB configuration, supports full-channel 120Hz, supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, and 120Hz chip analysis.

In terms of audio, this TV uses a new ARSS + surround sound system with 11 sound-generating units.