Shield TV Pro does not support TrueHD, dts-x, and dts-hd


Shield TV Pro does not support TrueHD, dts-x, and dts-hd, so how to decode.
I recently decided to buy a Shield TV Pro 2019. Viewing the technical specifications on nvidia's website, the description of audio format support is "DD + decode, Dolby Atmos decode, Dolby TrueHD (pass-through), dts-x (pass-through), and dts-hd (pass-through)." Does this mean that only DD+ and Atmos tracks can be decoded in the box by software like kodi, while Dolby TrueHD, dts-x and dts-hd tracks can only be decoded directly from the source code to the amplifier? If there is no AV amplifier, is there no sound?

As there is no plan to buy power amplifier, I am going to buy this box to directly connect to the TV and play through kodi. I am afraid that this kind of audio track cannot be decoded by software. In addition, it is not written in the technical specification of the official website whether DTS can be decoded or straight through. I wonder whether DTS audio track can be decoded into PCM audio in the box through kodi and then sent to TV for playback.

I want your help please