Should I install a TV or a projector in the living room?


Is it better to install a TV in the living room or a projector? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? If do not consider the price, will the projector become a new choice for the user's living room? Let us analyze whether the projector can seize the living room market.

1. Is it feasible to install a projector in the living room?​

First of all, the projector must be simple and beautiful in the living room. The main equipment of the projector is playback equipment and curtains as well as audio equipment. Therefore, it is relatively simple to install a projector in the living room. It only needs a VGA or HDMI interface, and it can also be connected to a wireless device. In terms of price, an entry-level projector can be purchased for only about 5,000 yuan.

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However, the disadvantages of the projector are also obvious. The projector has high requirements for the environment, so we must pay attention to the dustproof and ventilation of the environment in which it is used. The service life of the bulb is relatively short and requires careful maintenance to extend the service life. The most important thing is that the projector has relatively high requirements for ambient light. Different brightness in the living room requires projectors with different lumens levels, so the picture quality displayed on the screen is very different. Therefore, clarity is the biggest problem of living room projectors.

But now there are many projectors with lumens above 3000 on the market. The brightness of these projectors used in the living room is much higher than that of previous products, which can not only meet the daily needs of watching movies, but also give people the enjoyment of a large screen like a theater.

2. How about installing a TV in the living room?​


Traditional LCD TVs don't need much explanation. At present, 100-120 inch TVs also have mature products, but the price is basically around 500,000. The high price is prohibitive for ordinary people. 65-75-inch TVs are currently ushering in a wave of price cuts, and 65-inch curved TVs have now dropped to around 8,000. The brightness of the LCD TV can meet people's needs no matter what the situation is, only the size and brand need to be considered. At present, the mainstream products in the market are taking the path of ultra-thin metal appearance, so it is also a good choice to install a TV in the living room.

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Laser TV​

In fact, in addition to projectors and TVs, there are laser TVs. Compared with LED TVs, laser TVs, which are solid-state light sources with LEDs, have many advantages in image display: brighter colors and higher brightness, both in terms of technology and cost.

The advantage of laser TV is not only in color response, but also in saving 30% to 40% in cost after eliminating some optical devices.

Laser TVs also have inherent advantages in the manufacture of super-large screens. Compared with LED LCD TVs of the same size, the laser light source has a longer life span, which can reach more than 100,000 hours; its power consumption is also lower, which meets the needs of society for energy conservation and environmental protection.

But for now, laser TVs are as expensive as large-screen LCD TVs. The price of an 88-inch laser TV is 40,000, and a 100-inch laser TV is around 55,000-60,000, which is unaffordable for ordinary families. However, the projector has no concerns in this regard. You can enjoy the fun of watching movies on a large screen at a lower price. Therefore, if you are not super rich but want to enjoy watching movies on a large screen in the living room, you can choose a projector.
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The large screen of the projector is more realistic, and the on-site immersion and envelopment of watching movies is much stronger than that of a small-sized traditional TV.


I feel that traditional projectors are not suitable for living rooms due to their shortcomings such as being affected by ambient light, low brightness, requiring wiring, and cumbersome hoisting. If you really want to choose a projector, you must choose a better one and use it with a screen.


The most suitable is a 100-120-inch laser TV installed in the living room. The laser TV not only realizes the large-size viewing requirement, but also can enjoy the cinema-level viewing atmosphere at home, without being affected by ambient light, and can be watched clearly in the daytime. But it is too expensive!


Although TVs can satisfy daily leisure and entertainment, their visual effects are far inferior to those of movie theaters. Moreover, TVs are greatly affected by the screen size and cannot achieve wide-angle, so the visual impact is relatively weakened. So I recommend a projector.