SIM2 C3X Lumis Host Issue (Not Working)


Hi All

A couple of weeks ago i noticed my C3X Lumis had lost its calibration settings when i turned it on and i checked the lamp and it had gone down to zero hours (Previously around 1300)

now when i turn it on its connecting to the host with a green light on the projector and a blue light on the host. it will show the source window at the top left for a split second and then dissapear and then nothing, no buttons work on the host or the projector.

does anyone have any idea what this is and what the next steps are? do i need to send it to Sim2 in the UK to look and repair?

FYI i have a spare lamp for this and didnt know if it could be that and if it is worth changing, if so does anyone have any instructions on how to do this, the unit is out of warranty.

Thank You All
I have this same exact projector for a few months now and have the same problem...-the projector starts up, but I only get an image for a few seconds then it drops off...the projector doesn't shut off it keeps going like it's working normally...I'm hoping it is the fibre optic cable, and suspect it may be that since I bought it used with a second cable (which I unfortunately can't find)...any help would be greatly appreciated