Smart TV vs Smart Projector: which is better for home?


As people's living standards are improving day by day, so is their pursuit of quality of life. Home entertainment equipment has changed from 14 inch black-and-white TVs to more than 40 inch color TVs, and projectors have also been upgraded from classroom projectors to home laser TVs.

TV vs laser TV, who will be eliminated has always been the focus of discussion. I think the existence of anything has its value. At least for now, LCD TV and laser TV will coexist for a long time.

LCD TV and Laser TV are Available for Most People Now​

The prices of smart projectors and smart TVs have generally declined and are gradually accepted by people. Price is always the key factor of market orientation. Home projectors and smart TVs are cheaper than before, but they have more and more functions and are more intelligent.
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How is LCD TV?​

LCD TV has obvious advantages: simple installation, outstanding display, stable light source output, low power consumption, and the price within 65 inches is relatively cheap. However, the viewing angle of TV is easily affected by the reflection of the screen when the ambient light is relatively bright.

How is laser TV?​

Laser TV is targeted at customers who need more than 80 inches of screen. Because the price of LCD TVs above this size is high. Laser TV will not have reflective problems like LCD TV screen, and its matching anti light screen can also play a light resistant effect.


In fact, we can basically analyze that LCD TV and laser TV are compared in two aspects, one is size, the other is the use environment. Both have their own advantages. Customers can choose different products according to their own needs.
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Smart TV vs Smart Projector: which is better for home?​

In terms of home decoration, it is the first choice for young groups. To develop society, we must have the integration of fresh blood. The intelligent projection may not replace TV, but it must be an important choice for new home viewing equipment. On the basis of livability and usability, the unconventional concept of home decoration is gradually accepted by young people.


The intelligent projector not only conforms to the times but also adds innovative design concepts to the new home. The intelligent projector Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector launched in 2022 has an ultra-high brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens and clear image quality.

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Even if you project a 300 inch large screen, you can still enjoy a clear and delicate picture, just like moving the cinema into your home. If the projector is played at home, it will add a lot of fun to the family.