Solution to Vizio TV Remote Not Working

You may have a problem with your Vizio TV remote not working which is frustrating, and this tutorial will show you the solution.

vizio tv.jpg

1. Reset your Vizio remote and TV.

Take off the batteries in the remote control and put them back in, and check if the remote control can work properly. Disconnect the power to the TV, then re-connect the power to turn on the TV and check if the remote control works.

tv remote battery.jpg

2. Remove the old batteries in the remote control and replace them with brand new ones. (It may be that the battery is dead)

3. Check if there is an obstacle in front of the TV that is blocking the sensor and remove it.

vizio tv remote.jpg

4. If just a few of the buttons don't work, check if they don't apply to the current content.

5. Change another remote to see if it works.

6. If none of the above methods work, you may need a new remote control, or contact aftermarket support.

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