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LG Some 2018 LG TVs introduce the Apple TV app


In the update released this week, some 2018 LG TV models added support for Apple TV applications. However, it is not clear which countries and regions have introduced the Apple TV application, but according to user feedback on Twitter and forums, at least LG TV users in multiple countries have seen this application.

Some 2018 LG TVs introduce the Apple TV app

Earlier this year, LG brought Apple TV applications to some of the 2019 LG TVs in the United States and more than 80 other countries. At that time, LG said that 2018 TVs will also get TV applications through firmware updates.

LG TV users can access the Apple TV application from the LG Home app launcher. With Apple TV+, LG users can also subscribe to Apple channels and access its iTunes library to rent, buy and watch TV shows and movies.

Some 2018 LG TVs introduce the Apple TV app

LG has not shared the details of the 2018 TVs introducing Apple TV, but the supported 2019 TVs include OLED series, NanoCell TV series (SM9X and SM8X) and UHD TVs (UM7X and UM6X).