Sonus Faber Sonetto V Speakers Review: Fresh, lively and full of energy


The Sonetto series is a brand-new, multi-functional and multi-purpose product in Sonus Faber, which can be used to group HI-FI two channels or multi channels. Sonetto V is the second-largest floor speaker in the entire Sonetto series (the largest is VIII), designed for 3 channels and 4 units. Looking at its unit configuration and box shape, it is not difficult to find that the Sonetto series is designed more from the top-level Homage Tradition series. Sonus Faber launched the Sonetto series for the purpose of requiring a more competitive product in the market.

Sonus Faber Sonetto V Speakers Review: Fresh, lively and full of energy

Sonetto V Unique Design

In Sonetto V, its tweeter is the DAD unit. DAD (Damped Apex Dome) technology to suppress the deformation of the diaphragm in the work, so as to reduce the distortion. The midrange unit is a special hybrid fiber diaphragm with a diameter of 150mm. It is made of special natural fibers and paper fibers. These designs are derived from the HomageTradition series. The bass part is two 180mm diameter aluminum alloy diaphragm bass. unit.

Sonus Faber Sonetto V Speakers Review: Fresh, lively and full of energy

In terms of the shape of the cabinet, Sonetto V's cabinet also uses the shape of a lute. This design is also derived from the top series of Sonus Faber. This irregular shape of the cabinet can reduce the internal shape of the cabinet. Standing wave. At the same time, the inverted hole of the Sonetto V cabinet is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, the bass air flow is led out from the bottom, and then transmitted through the ground to increase the bass energy.

Sonus Faber Sonetto V Speakers Review: Fresh, lively and full of energy

Sonetto V Charming Sound Effect

Most of the music I listen to is classical sonata, quartet, and occasionally jazz music. I feel that Sonetto V has a particularly charming, refreshing and detailed midrange and treble. The sound direction is the fresh and bright qualities that modern speakers are pursuing. However, there is always a trace of roundness in the fresh and bright, which can make the sound very clear and refreshing. When listening to the violin, there will be a strong sense of lines, and a clear sound focusing effect. The piano’s graininess is also exquisite, condensed, and clear. This sound orientation is similar to the Homage Tradition. They also use DAD tweeter technology. In terms of bass, because the output power of the power amplifier itself is not large, it is impossible to better promote the performance of the woofer, but it can still be heard that the bass of Sonneto V is very clean and fast.

Sonetto series

In the large audio-visual room, the Sonneto V is driven by a power amplifier with a 275W output power per channel. The performance of the midrange and woofer is better played. The energy of the bass is increased, the thickness of the midrange is increased, and it is more solid Powerful, also listening to a violin, you can finally hear the sound of the resonance effect of the piano cavity. Sonneto V is driven by a high-power amplifier, which is a very clear, crisp, and clean full-range sound. It is completely a fresh and bright young trend, especially its mid-bass, which is compact and powerful. The speed is fast, and it can show its advantages when listening to popular music. It is full of energy, shocking, clean and powerful. In terms of midrange, Sonneto V is also very thick when playing vocal recordings, not a thick with a warm and fluffy feeling, but a real, solid thick, condensed thick.

To sum up

Sonneto V is also based on Sonus Faber's top series in design and materials, and the sound effects are somewhat similar to the top series, lively and bright, emphasizing the high-definition effect of the instrument texture and sound image positioning, as well as clean and fast bass, strong and solid midrange. When listening to pop music, jazz music and rock music, it is always full of energy.

Sonneto V specs:
Speaker type: 3 way 4 unit bass reflex floor speaker
Frequency response: 38Hz~25kHz
Division point: 235Hz/3kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)
Recommended amplifier output power: 50W~300W
Dimension (H×W×D): 1072×258×409mm
Weight: 22.6kg
Reference price: 37800 yuan/pair