Sony A95K QD-OLED TV review


The Sony A95K QD-OLED TV is the best among flagship 4K TVs. Exquisite design, with high color depth and high brightness. At the same time, Sony is also the first TV manufacturer to showcase QD-OLED TVs, which has made further breakthroughs in picture quality.

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The QD-OLED display panel has improved in terms of display brightness and color gamut compared to the OLED display panel. When combined with the adjustment of Sony XR chip, the colors rendered will be richer and more textured.

Reminiscent of Sony's original A1 OLED, the Sony A95K panel has a similar rear-tilt overall design with no visible brackets to support the glass, just a thin bezel around the image. The display is almost flush with the ground, completing the weight-weighted support of the TV.
Sony A95K back.png

The Sony A95K has a 3-degree rear tilt for the best viewing angle on lower houses, and the stand can be reversed to make it visible from the front. All of the ports are hidden behind the back cover to ensure the overall appearance of the TV, but only the two HDMI ports support high frame rate 4K/120fps gameplay.

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QD-OLED panel technology allows for further color performance and brightness improvements. In the standard mode, Sony A95K has a clear advantage over ordinary OLED TVs. In combination with the processing of the XR cognitive chip, QD OLED presents images that can be experienced with extremely rich light quality and vivid colors.

The Sony A95K also features a center speaker mode that enables the TV's audio system to act as the central speaker in a multi-channel sound system. At present, there are two sizes of Sony A95K. Under comprehensive consideration, Sony A95K is in a leading position in many aspects.
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