Sony A95L VS Sony X95L TV, 2023 Sony QD-OLED VS Mini LED

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This article will compare Sony A95L vs. Sony X95L TVs.

Sony's 2023 series Bravia XR TVs are getting a lot of attention, and people are concerned about what the TV maker is bringing to the table this year. Among them are the Sony A95L and Sony X95L(Check the comparison of Sony X95L VS Sony X90L), the company's QD-OLED and Mini LED models this year, respectively. This article will cover the highlights of these two TVs and the differences between them.

Sony A95L vs Sony X95L: Picture Quality​

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The Sony A95L is the successor to last year's first QD-OLED TV, the Sony A95K, one of the most talked about TVs of 2022, bringing unparalleled picture quality. This year Sony is bringing upgrades to the A95L to deliver better brightness and image quality.

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The A95L uses a new QD-OLED panel, which Sony claims will increase peak brightness by 200% over the A95K. QD-OLED panels increase panel brightness by adding a layer of quantum dots, combining the advantages of electron dots with OLED, while achieving perfect black levels and excellent color.

The A95L adds Sony's heat sink to the QD-OLED panel and then performs a custom thermal analysis with the Cognitive Processor XR to improve efficiency while reducing power consumption.

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In addition, Cognitive Processor XR continues to provide picture processing support for TVs. Sony's new XR OLED Contrast Pro, XR Triluminos Max, XR Clear Image, and XR OLED Motion processing help to better improve the quality of images.

The Sony Bravia X95L features mini-LED backlight technology, which serves as the successor to the Sony X95K, with an additional 20% local dimming area. It also features Sony's XR Clear Image feature to help upgrade the picture, improving image clarity while reducing panel flooding.

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Compared to traditional LEDs, Mini LED displays are made up of more and smaller LEDs, thus allowing for more precise control, resulting in higher brightness, and better contrast.

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The X95L is equipped with Sony's Cognitive Processor XR and the new XR Clear Image technology for better backlight control and noise reduction. X95L features X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection technologies that effectively resist the reflection of ambient light and increase the viewing angle of the screen.

Sony A95L vs Sony X95L: Sound​

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The new Sony TVs are equipped with Acoustic Multi-Audio+, with the difference that the A95L vibrates the screen through an actuator behind the OLED panel to produce sound. The X95L, on the other hand, connects the tweeter drivers to the high left and right TV frames, ensuring that high-frequency sound emanates from the right place in any scene.

Sony A95L vs Sony X95L: System​

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The 2023 Sony TV still runs the Google TV Smart platform with a few upgrades. In the user interface, Sony has added two new menus. One of them, Eco Dashboard, gives users easy access to all of their energy-saving settings on one dashboard.

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The other menu is Sony's Game Menu, which allows users to easily adjust game options, such as shrinking the picture within the screen. In addition, Sony A95L supports the Multi-View option, which means you can play games while watching video tutorials.

Sony A95L vs Sony X95L: Game Features​

MediaTek Pentonic 1000 chip.jpg

The Sony A95L and Sony X95L support 4K/120Hz with both VSR and ALLM capabilities. Both TVs are equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports. However, the A95L is the only model that supports Dolby Vision gaming, as it is equipped with a MediaTek Pentonic 1000 chip.

Sony A95L vs Sony X95L: Design​

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The 2022 QD-OLED model Sony A95K is a stylish, unique TV, largely due to its unique stand that can be placed in front of or behind the TV. But instead of continuing with this stand, this year's A95L opts for lighter, simpler legs. These legs can be mounted in three ways: in a narrower position, towards the sides, or with the screen raised.

As an OLED TV, the Sony A95L is not particularly thin, due to the fact that it houses the sound system and radiator in its panel. It is available in 55", 65", and 77" size options.

Sony X95L TV Design.jpg

The Sony X95L is beautifully designed and the bezel-less design makes the screen look beautiful. The X95L is available in 65", 75", and 85" sizes, and only the 85" size is available in the US.