SONY A9G, LG B9P, LG C9P, and past generations of plasma picture quality comparison



LG B9P from the game effect, if the correct Settings (TV needs warm color 1, PS4 also needs to set right)
Most of LG B9P's PS4 games have gone beyond the V30, 50, and 60, and can probably make a 55-open game with the G10 / V10.
These plasma series are only better than LG B9P in some plasma features and some games, but in most cases they are not as good as LG B9P.
LG B9P in the game object outline feeling strong, make the object separation feeling good, there is a certain depth of field, the stereo feeling is not very strong.
The LG B9P color scale is fine in OLED, and the color is deep enough to make you feel comfortable, natural and delicate when playing the game.
But there is still a gap between levels and older, top-of-the-range models such as the PZ800C, which will also be more curt and digital.
Compared to LG B9P plasma G10 color performance is more real and fine, but the image details are not as fine as LG B9P, plus a clear flicker, so you can open a 55.
The LG B9P movie is fairly clean, but the low resolution optimizations aren't very good, and the colors are occasionally stilted, but it's still better than all the LED TVS of the past two years.
The game effect of LG B9P and C8 ratio is also close to the same, and as in the past no longer so the need for high levels of expressive force to appear good effects of the game plasma is still better.

If you are playing the game LG C9P and C8 are generally similar, the LG C9P color dilution, so that many games will be a little washed with the color of the feeling.
But the C8 occasionally slant color also appears not very perfect, but without a doubt the C8 is still better than LG C9P comprehensive performance.
As for the movie, the LG C9P's cinema mode is not nearly as comfortable as the C8's, which is slightly grtier, and the C8, which is pretty good to watch directly.
The level of C8 at the dolby horizon is still richer than that of LG C9P.

LG C9P is also not as good as LG B9P in terms of color level and color depth, but it is better than LG B9P in terms of the game material map, and sometimes the rough areas of LG B9P have better performance in LG C9P.
In addition, on the fly, the signal source LG C9P below 60HZ will appear smoother than LG B9P.
However, LG C9P cannot completely beat LG B9P. The dark color level of LG B9P has reached the level of self-illumination display device. LG C9P wants to do color management but fails to do it well.
The LG C9P rarely has an all-black death black scene in the movie, and the LG B9P will occasionally have a few black death scenes, but the LG B9P will still have more color levels than the LG C9P.
The reason for not mentioning E9 here is that it has too much MSG and does not like to increase the saturation of so-called advanced flagship.


Back to the SONY A9G, the A9G is a bit closer to view than the LG B9P.
Because the A9G image processing will be very fine, will feel the pixel is very fine, and the LG B9P contour sense is strong, at a distance will also feel clear.
A9G is stronger than LG B9P in terms of color accuracy and color order, and the color depth is not much different.
A9G can be said in the game effect has been tending to perfect performance, color, texture, color levels, fine, dark color, dark field details are close to the level of the monitor.
But the problem is in two places, one is the brightness is not enough, resulting in the absolute light is not bright enough, making A9G in the store is a loss.
Your and LG's first impression, the masses see brightness is not as LG, it is difficult to in-depth study the actual use of the effect.
Here I still want to remind, you again the machine that the sale thinks bright is too big in fact your home is too big, the home and the sale look very different.
Second, the image is very fine, the depth of field and depth of some poor, which is also slightly less than LG B9P.
But the A9G's color management and color level richness are really high on the LG series of many OLED.
A9G adds that the game texture map A9G has more texture, texture and detail than the LG B9P.

SONY A1 / A8F/A9F:

Now, A1/A8F/A9F, A1 at the moment, the advantage of it is that the light rendering, the light rendering under HDR is unique.
Color, not as good as the A8F color control, but the game optimization is not as weak as the f-series, but not very strong.
A8F and A9F, A8F is superior to A9F in the effect of watching movies, the most obvious is the film source of dolby horizon, even if A9F has higher sharpness, color saturation and slightly increased brightness. But sometimes monosodium glutamate added many true is not a good thing, A8F instead appears color levels more rich and delicate natural.
But F series still face a very serious problem, is playing the game color richness is not enough, color levels, and the overall tone of mud color.
It's also one of the worst game optimizations in the history of SONY OLED.
But the effect of the dolby vision of A8F is still very burst, it can be said that the A8F is SONY to see the dolby vision of the special machine, fortunately A9G perfect inherit the advantages of the A8F.

So SONY OLED want to replace plasma temporarily also A9G can do it, other oleds are not.
I am not involved in the discussion of A8G here. SONY A8G has not been provided to me, so I am useless.

Plasma TV:

As for the plasma, if panasonic is V series this quality, put into the present is not a pity to be eliminated at all, there are machines can be replaced.
We do not need to blindly pursue plasma, good plasma has no state, bad plasma bought as new OLED products.
Time is past, in addition to miss me also nothing to think of.


As for LED, now the concept is very hot stack screen LED, which is to strive to achieve the quality of OLED, give up the distance.
With the existing hisense U9, there are a lot of bugs and poor dynamics, but some demos will look better than regular leds.
Occasionally bugs can cause anomalies in the image, such as a graying area, or extreme dark areas, severe light leakage, etc.
How to say, this is a good technology, but your hardware is not good, you can not study OLED?
Do you want to sell more expensive than OLED?
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