Sony gave players a gift package of 330 yuan


Due to lockdown, players around the world have played games at home recently, and there is a trend of "give me wifi and food, I can not go out for a year. But what if your playstation is broken? During this epidemic, you can imagine how slow the repair is ... However, there is a player's PS4 Pro's CD-ROM drive had problems reading, so he sent it to Sony for repair. It was only because of the epidemic that few people returned to work at the Sony repair plant, which caused months to fix it. He was empathetic and did not urge Sony, and was very patiently waiting. When he received the device, he also received a thank-you gift package from the Sony team. The package includes: the physical version of Major League Baseball 20 + handwritten notes: "Enjoy it! From Deric, don't forget to add my friends to PSN!