SONY HW49 user experience, personal experience review


The SONY HW49 features gorgeous color, unmatched black bits, perfect detail, and a perfect viewing distance of 100 inches and 3 meters. In addition, the response speed of SONY HW49 is relatively fast, relatively low latency, playing console games response speed is not lost display. On the noise side, the SONY HW49 is also relatively quiet and nearly silent due to its large body. Resolution is the king of 1080p. But the price is very unfriendly, almost double that of other products.

Again, contrast. Compared to benq w1120, color is killed by seconds and black has no details. Epson 5400,7400, the color is too luxuriant unnatural, black performance is poor, black does not go down, the loss of black bit, for a long time will be dazzling. Large delay, high speed picture dazzling.

In summary, the larger the projection, the better the performance of the SONY hw49, which is worth the money.

Test Sample Picture

Test Sample Picture