sony SONY KD-65X8000H Review


After some experience, we think that the X8000H not only surprises us in price, but also brings a unique experience beyond the entry-level model with the addition of the X1 chip and the comprehensive upgrade of intelligence. It is especially suitable for the first choice of economic independence or newly-married families.

Design: extremely narrow border full screen remote control ushered in a major upgrade

X8000H has an extremely narrow border, and the actual measurement is only 1.5cm, so the visual effect is greatly improved. The frame of the TV is made of plastic, but the excellent workmanship makes the frame of X8000H have a similar texture and touch to that of metal.

SONY KD-65X8000H

The installation of the base has also been improved, the general TV base is the base and the main body of the TV is directly fixed by screws, and X8000H is the base bracket is divided into two parts, with screws to fix the two parts, directly will be prominent column inserted into the main body of the TV, not only stable, also convenient to have the demand of the user at any time.

SONY KD-65X8000H

In terms of interface, the commonly used interface X8000H is also available,4 HDMI interfaces (all support 4K HDR output of PS4 PRO). One of the USB ports supports 3.0 input for high-speed transmission.

SONY KD-65X8000H

The improved remote control has a concise overall design and clear operation logic, which puts the most commonly used functions in an eye-catching position to make it more convenient for users to use. But the author thinks that there are some shortage of place, such as remote control key area is a little small, "ok" and "upward direction" is easy to appear by accident, if appear such circumstance, perhaps is SONY reminds you of the weight loss of ~ in general, SONY in this remote control and improve the use of fully meet the current consumer demand.

Picture quality test: equipped with powerful X1 chip, picture quality improved a lot

SONY, the industry's benchmark for picture quality, is best known for its dark technology, the image-processing chip. SONY's exclusive image processing chip contains multiple image quality optimization technology, with a variety of image quality algorithm optimization, image quality optimization plays a key role. Why do people always think that SONY's picture quality is better in the same positioning TV products, the gap lies in the picture quality chip.

X8000H in the four dimensions of the gamut are relatively good performance, in the recent application of relatively hot P3 gamut reached 90%, you know, many of the same price can only reach about 80% of the P3 gamut level. Even compared to most desktop displays, the X8000H's performance is no less impressive, approaching the gamut of high-end TVS.

In the ordinary 4K video test, it can be seen that in the warm and cold colors, the overall picture of X8000H did not appear red or white, the picture quality was commendable, and more details were presented. For example, the fine lines on the forehead and eyes of the old man in the Peking Opera video were restored correctly.

SONY X8000H image mode set to Vivid


In 4 k HDR video tests, thanks to SONY 4 k of HDR image processing chip X1 optimization ability and profound quality adjustment ability, we don't have to see in the picture in the test have obvious daub, overall image contrast is very obvious, the details of the characters of the wrist, elbow and have been fully restore, fully released 4 k HDR video visual effect.


System function: user-oriented

1. The new product of the whole department has AI intelligent voice function

This can provide consumers with convenient and easy-to-use TV control experience, move a mouth, you can easily search favorite content, query the weather, etc., change the way users interact.

2. New products of SONY TV series support the screen projection function of APP

Users can put the contents of the mobile terminal on the large screen of the TV, and experience the excellent sound and picture effect of the SONY TV and the shocking effect under the large screen.

3. No boot ads

The new line will continue SONY's tradition of "no boot-on ads," allowing customers to enjoy a wealth of content without waiting, and to boot up quickly and easily.

SONY KD-65X8000H