Sony Launched Three Bluetooth Speakers: SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300, SRS-XE200


Sony has now launched three new Bluetooth speakers, namely SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300, and SRS-XE200.



All three products are equipped with X-Balanced speaker units, of which the XE300 and XE200 use Sony's unique ambient noise microphone detection technology, and the XE300 and XE200 are smaller and can be used vertically.

All three models feature retractable handles, and the XE200 also comes with a carrying strap for easy portability. Sony says the XG300 has "club-like bass" and clear high frequencies thanks to its integrated tweeter and MEGA BASS capability.

All three products support IP67 water and dust resistance. The XG300 has the best sound quality among the three products, and also has LED lighting effects that can change the flashing rhythm according to the environment to create a special atmosphere (LIVE SOUND function in the Sony Music Center app)

These three Bluetooth speakers also support Party Connect mode, allowing up to 100 compatible speakers to be paired for louder sound, while the Stereo Pair allows two speakers to be connected for stereo sound.

All three models can support call noise reduction. In addition, Sony XE300 and XE200 use Sony's unique ambient noise microphone detection technology, which can analyze ambient noise and help save power, and both products have a MIC mute button for instant muting.

Battery life​

The XG300 has a battery life of 25 hours, the XE300 is 24 hours, and the XE200 is 16 hours. But Sony also says these numbers may vary based on volume, lighting effects, and battery/sound mode. In addition, these three new products all support fast charging, and you can listen to songs for 70 minutes after charging for 10 minutes.


The XG300 is £259/€300, available in light grey and black;

The XE300 is £169 / €200 and is available in light grey, black and blue;

The XE200 is £139 / €150 and is available in light grey, black, orange and blue.

All will go on sale in July 2022.