Sony PlayStation Stars premium members get priority access to customer service


Sony officially launched a new loyalty program called "PlayStation Stars" on Thursday, where players can earn rewards such as digital collectibles and cash credits.

The program is currently available in Asia and will be available in the Americas and Europe in October. According to Video Games Chronicle, premium players in the PlayStation Stars program will receive preferential treatment when dealing with customer service. As a result, a large number of Japanese players have expressed their dissatisfaction and card protests.

For this, many Japanese players find it hard to understand, they think that customer service should treat everyone fairly, not because some buy more games and play more games, you can cut in line in front of others.

sony playstaion

There are four levels of PlayStation Stars, with Level 4 requiring the purchase of at least four new titles and the accumulation of 128 Rare Trophies to unlock.

According to Sony, Level 4 subscribers will receive a commemorative collectible and the promise of "priority in the chat order when contacting PlayStation customer support".

Simply put, if you're a Level 4 user, when you request customer support help at the same time as someone else, customer support will come to you first, thus avoiding waiting in line.

After Automaton pointed this out on Twitter, many Japanese users expressed their frustration with the policy, with some pointing out that good customer service should be a standard, not something you have to pay more for to have.