Sony TV backlight is broken, is it expensive to repair?


How to repair the backlight of the TV? How much does the repair cost?

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The construction of a TV is not simple and consists of many parts, one of which is the backlight. Is the TV backlight damaged expensive to repair? With the advancement of TV technology, the internal craftsmanship is getting better and better, and the price is also rising. The maintenance of the backlight depends on many factors such as its own material, the degree of failure, and the quality of the TV.

If the backlight of the TV is turned off when the screen is turned on, and the functions of the remote control panel are normal, it is likely to be caused by a lamp failure on the backlight.

The maximum power supply on the backlight circuit is 24 volts, and the minimum is 12 volts. If there is a problem with the backlight circuit, it will cause a malfunction. However, there may also be a black screen caused by poor contact between the socket of the lamp tube and the lamp tube. These faults are relatively simple to repair.

So not all TV backlight repair costs are more expensive. You can check the damage of the TV backlight by yourself: the degree of damage + the price of the backlight + the maintenance cost.