SONY UBP-X1100ES blu-ray player, the strongest 4K/UHD blu-ray player yet


SONY UBP-X1100ES uses a unique frame and beam chassis to provide a rigid structure to eliminate microvibration. The radiator and disk drive are made of high quality materials, which ensure the coolness of the disc and the body for long time use.

Supports 4K Ultra HD blu-ray, displays more detailed content than ever before, and has achieved a very realistic look and feel. Support for HDR10, DOLBY VISION and Hybrid Log Gamma. Support for the new bt.2020 color space, which can provide more saturated and realistic colors. Hdr-sdr intelligent conversion can extend the ultra-wide brightness range of HDR to SDR images, and even using traditional SDR TV can maintain excellent image quality.


Support DolbyAtmos and DTS: X. The quality of the high-resolution audio track is much higher than that of an MP3 or even a CD, allowing you to hear every breath, every drum, every note. DSEE HX technology can upgrade the frequency and dynamic range of mp3s and other compressed music (even CDS) to near-high-resolution quality.

Ubp-x1100es supports any streaming content, including most hd video and high-resolution audio formats, as well as a range of popular streaming formats.

On the interface side, all AV technologies are integrated and connected to ubp-x1100es, with high quality connections, suitable for any technology enthusiast.