Sony VPL-F630WZ Specs: Is it worth buying?


Sony's engineering projector VPL-F630WZ is suitable for large-scale engineering, education and office use. How does this projector perform in other areas? Let's take a look at the parameter analysis of the Sony VPL-F630WZ projector.

The Sony VPL-F630WZ projector adopts 3LCD display technology and laser light source, with a brightness of up to 6000 lumens, which can easily obtain bright and clear pictures. Even in a bright meeting room, you can easily get colorful, real and clear pictures. It supports 1280x800 resolution and enhances the contrast of the picture, so that it can show more details and give people an immersive feeling. It is equipped with image enhancement technology, Sony algorithm can make the picture as real creation.

The Sony VPL-F630WZ projector supports 1.6x zoom and can flexibly adapt to various environments. It also supports automatic dimming mode, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the use of the machine, which is more energy-efficient.

It supports lens shift and keystone correction functions, and has obvious installation advantages. It can be installed at any angle with reduced restrictions. It supports automatic filter cleaning function and does not affect the heat dissipation of the machine.

Sony VPL-F630WZ projector.png