sony Sony X9500H,X8000H and Z8H series review


Before we discuss the three products, let's take a look at SONY's official customer positioning for these three products:


Z8H -- aiming at fans who want to experience shocking audio-visual effects, SONY has built Z8H series of 8K HDR smart LCD TV with excellent audio-visual effects by making use of powerful chips and technology accumulation of the whole 8K industrial chain.


X9500H - provides a more immersive family viewing experience for consumers through a smooth, clear motion picture without trailing tail. X9500H USES SONY image processing chip X1 flagship version, the image is clearer, the contrast is more outstanding; Sharp dynamic technology can keep the brightness of the premise, make the picture clear without dragging, restore the real situation of the game; The wide and sharp perspective function creates a broader viewing Angle for the audience. Users can not only enjoy the realistic picture quality, but also share the exciting moments with friends.



fully satisfying the demand for quality and price from the younger generation of consumers, this series is the first choice for many financial independence or newly married families, and the beginning of their experience with SONY black technology.

After I read this, the basic product positioning is clear, look at the price of the corresponding basic understood all, let's detailed analysis of the product parameters: Z8H: first of all, is different from before 85 inches and 98 inches Z9G two large size section, the Z8H introduced a 75 inch model, in line with the "3 m can see 80 inch" the principle of this size has been considered in the family. In addition, from the design, this time Z8H is also more "warm", before the design of Z9G industrial, let people how to look like a display machine, put in the home a bit eye-catching, and Z8H machine thickness reduced a lot, it looks more like a piece of art in the home.

8 k Z8H series LCD TV look at HDR intelligence hardware improvements, the biggest change is the Z8H in order to achieve "great unity" mysterious voices "border" black science and technology, carrying Z8H with vibration unit directly to push on both sides of the border, thus formed the effective unit 4 hissing sound system, two voices at the bottom of the unit is responsible for the low frequency, such as drum, two border around the upper part is responsible for the high frequency, such as sound, sound field with SONY 360 reality so formed the concept of the audio, from the current information disclosure, The PS5 will support 8K games. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you bought a console and didn't have an 8K TV to enjoy it? ! So if you want to have the ultimate audio and video experience, and the price is acceptable, the immediate start is the greatest respect for it.


What was the hottest product SONY TV sold last year? I don't have the exact number yet, but the high-end X9500G is sure to come out on top. Then new X9500H as X9500G upgrade edition, the basic situation and still is one of the top configuration of LCD products, the X1 ultimate dynamic, terri spirit's color chip, Octavia, sharp Angle, multichannel, dolby horizon/panoramic acoustic screen from soup to nuts, another new AI environmental induction regulating function also carry, there are two most important updates, one is finally the far field support for voice assistant function, but these X9000H this game before god machine, some embarrassed, no refresh rate variable VRR with low latency mode ALLM automatically, also have no HDMI 2.1, Feeling emasculated is the most important part.



Products recommended links always lets a person, is nothing but struggle between price and quality, but for X8000H instead is a series of products won't let a person of tangled products, because in this price will not have other competitors, though the author has not been aware of the price of this version 65 inch X8000H, but bigger size price has released 75 ", 85 ", 9999 yuan and 17999 yuan respectively, believe that the price of 65 inches will be controlled in 7000 yuan, the price, you can get a 4 k HDR image processing chip X1, Terri spirit's color at the same time, 4 k PRO newsletter sharp image processing engine, Motionflow XR dynamic fluid, such as restoring HDR dynamic technology is also readily available, also joined the more convenient speech aides and better use of the remote control, in short short completion, advantage in ascension, what kind of people that is suitable for purchase X8000H, suggest that those who want to buy SONY TV, for the first time experience high-quality sound quality, fluid intelligence and budget temporarily limited user experience, say X8000H this series is a lot of economy began to independent or newly-married family first choice, Think of this product as the beginning of your experience with SONY black tech.
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