SONY's new TV is released, fully connected to apple's intelligent voice ecosystem!


According to macrumors on April 21, SONY has officially announced that AirPlay 2 and HomeKit will be available on all of its TVS in 2020, and that some of its models will be fully supported by the Apple TV app this year.

Sony TV

Once AirPlay 2 is supported, SONY TV will be able to smoothly interact with other AirPlay 2 devices for fun, such as speakers that support HomePod or AirPlay 2, allowing for direct interaction between multiple audio devices. For HomeKit ‌ support, can make the Sony TV in Home application, it can take advantage of the apple system direct response Siri's voice instructions, thus more quickly and accurately control the TV.

Overall, SONY's new TVS this year will feature a design language that focuses on "immersive" experiences, while the quality part will include an X1 graphics chip in all new models, and even the X1 flagship chip in high-end models. In addition, DOLBY VISION and DOLBY panoramic sound will be fully supported across the range, while the high-end Z8H will support the latest IMAX Enhanced standard.

Sony TV

Due to this year's COVID-19 pandemic, SONY's new television system in 2020 has also made corresponding adjustments, such as all products will support AI voice control, intelligent screen, smart home access, video APP installation, etc., especially in the combination of the original version of the android 9.0 system, the user in the era of AIoT smart + connected to all kinds of application requirements will be met.