Steam's new week sales list: "GTA 5" ranked eighth


May 18th News V officially released the Steam sales list last week (May 11-17). This week's top-selling works are the masterpiece "Halo: Master Chief Collection", and the "Deep Rock Galaxy" that has just ended the early experience and the "Cross King 3" that has just started pre-ordering have entered the top ten, the most exciting Surprisingly, even though Epic just opened the free collection activity, our old friend "GTA5" still won the eighth place.

week's sales ranking of Steam store

week's sales ranking of Steam store

Last week's sales ranking of Steam store:
1. "Halo: Master Chief Collection"​
2. "God Realm: Original Sin 2 Ultimate Edition"​
3. "Scrap Mechanic"​
4. "The Wild Darts: Redemption 2"​
5. "The Wild Darts: Redemption 2" Deluxe Edition​
6. "Deep Rock Galaxy"​
7. "Valve Index VR Kit"​
8. "GTA5"​
9. "Horse Riding and Hacking 2: Overlord"​
10. "The King of Crusader 3"​

According to a report on May 14, Epic started a new round of game exemption at 11:00 pm that day: you can receive "GTA5" for free , which ends on May 21, and it will be permanently stored in the library after receipt.