Steve Carell is Back on Netflix drama with Space Force


Space Force already sounds like something that might be a different version of The Office, but maybe that’s just because Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, who worked on the previous show together, will be back in business once again as Steve takes on the lead role in this upcoming comedy. The show, if you haven’t guessed by now, will be based upon the space force that was proposed by President Trump a while back as Ryan Scott of TVWeb mentions, and will be taking the funny route as it explores just how to attain dominance in space as Carell will be joined by several individuals including Lisa Kudrow and John Malkovich.

Those are some fairly well-known names for the show to build on to be certain, but the idea that the show will be able to spoof, in a way, the defense force that President Trump brought forth is bound to entertain a lot of folks that don’t put a great deal of faith in anything the president does. Likely as not however the show will focus more on the actual topic than on the POTUS which is thankful since between SNL skits and many other mentions of the president the entire act of vilifying Trump has gone way off the rails a few times. Hopefully the show won’t make too much mention of Trump or will use a fictitious president, as it might be a little more well-received by a big part of the fan base.


The fact that the show is coming to Netflix isn’t too much of a surprise since Netflix has done quite well in obtaining a wide number of shows featuring many upon many big-name stars that have brought a lot of attention to the streaming service and have upped the value of many movies and shows simply because they’re in them.

This has in effect made Netflix into a major player over the years since being able to take on bigger and bigger names for original movies and shows that they’ve come a long way from being a business built on mail-order DVD’s and have become an entity unto themselves around which many people that are big in their own right are willing to gravitate. The bigger the stars, the better the shows, hopefully at least, and the better the shows the more likely it is that people will keep watching and keep their subscriptions or at least sign up for a while to see if they like it.
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