Suggestions for Watching Kill Eve Season 3


People watched Kill Eve Season 3 might say that the rhythm is too slow, the episode is nonsens, long talk...While I highly recommend you to comment after finishing the third season. There is no way to judge whether the current plot and characters are foreshadowing or really procrastinating with just two episodes.

Although it seems that it is not as strong as the impact of the first two seasons at the moment. The only significance of those negative comments is that they can reduce psychological expectations in advance, so that they will get a lot of surprises when watching the drama, but they will feel that it is not as bad as everyone said.

Compared with the first and second seasons, the third season is directly expressed in lines. In the first season, I will think Anna has a deep influence on the little pervert. In the second season, I think Eve made the little pervert crazy and irrational. But in the third season, the teacher came out and found that the teacher made okzana become the little pervert of today.

Love prank, quick response, good skill. It's the old age version of the little pervert.

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