SVGA vs WXGA vs XGA Projector Resolution, which is better?


When purchasing a projector, I believe that everyone will see the parameters of brightness, system, and chip, but occasionally there are parameters such as SVGA, WXGA and XGA. What do these parameters represent in the projector? What's the difference between them? Let's take a look.


What is WXGA?​

The full name of WXGA is Wide Extended Graphics Array, which is a type of resolution. When we see the parameters of SVGA, WXGA and XGA, it is easier to understand them by linking them with the corresponding resolution.


WXGA is equivalent to a resolution of 1280*800 pixels, which can represent a 16:10 widescreen, or a widescreen version of XGA with a resolution of 1024*768. Generally, projectors with WXGA resolution are used in teaching and some business projectors, and home projectors are rarely used.

At present, WXGA is also the most mainstream widescreen standard. WXGA is not only suitable for 12-inch and 15-inch product screens, but also has a relatively low cost, so it is favored by many manufacturers.

What is SVGA?​

The full name of SVGA is Super Video Graphics Array, with a maximum resolution of 800*600 and a screen size of 12.1 inches. Due to the lower pixels, very few products currently use this screen.

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Terms such as SVGA, WXGA and XGA refer to the original resolution of the image projected by the projector, that is, the real resolution and the physical resolution. Corresponding to the physical resolution is the compression resolution, which determines the clarity of the image is the physical resolution, and determines the scope of application of the projector is the compression resolution.

What is XGA?​

The full name of XGA is Extended Graphics Array, the resolution is 1024*768, and the screen size ranges from 10.4 inches, 12.1 inches, 13.3 inches to 14.1 inches. The XGA projector is the mainstream product in the projector market at present, and nearly 80% of the notebooks on the market use this kind of screen.

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SVGA vs WXGA vs XGA: Which is better in projectors?​

There are many types of laptop screens today. But the two resolutions of WXGA and XGA are used by some products that we often see. SVGA is generally used in relatively high-end products. There is also UVGA, which is the most expensive of these screens, and offers the highest resolution. Generally only a few ultra-high-end products will use such a resolution screen.

Nowadays, the 800*600 resolution can no longer meet the needs of users, and there are few products of this kind of screen, and the SVGA standard will gradually be introduced into the projector market.

On a screen of the same size, the higher the resolution of the projector, the higher the image clarity will be, and the better the picture will be.

In summary, SVGA, WXGA, and XGA refer to the native resolution of the image projected by the projector. When buying a projector, we not only look at the brightness of the machine, the system, and the chip, but also the resolution of the projector.

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