Switch internet connection


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Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but have you had any issues with the Switch needing to be very close to a wireless internet connection for it to pick up. It seems I can't go very far before I lose a signal. Thanks!


This may be a problem with your wireless network. Maybe the wireless network signal is too weak or the coverage area is too small. You can check whether there is a problem with your wireless network.
This is a problem with your routing settings.


Because Switch is supported a 5GHz Wi-Fi signal, but different routing default settings of the channel are not the same, each device WIFI module is also different, therefore, the solution is to change a signal channel in the settings page of the route can be.


probably the problem of the wireless channel, I was confused when I just bought it and tried to connect, it'll work after i changed the channel


Farther away from the router, the wifi signal will be weak of course, and there may be various signal interference at home. Have you tried turning off other devices that connected to the wifi?