Switch, PS4, Xbox - Which one is better for college students?


Switch, PS4, Xbox have their own exclusive games. If you particularly like a certain type of game, choose the one as you prefer. It depends on what game you play. I think that PS4 is better when connected to computer.

Consider performance without considering portability. Both the GPU and CPU are inferior to Xbox and PS4, and the hard disk space is relatively small.

The reason for this is that the switch is portable. The CPU and GPU of the Switch are based on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. When the screen and other components are not considered, the maximum power consumption is only 15w, and the size of the device is very small for portability.

But if you only consider putting it in the dormitory, choose ps4 or xbox.

Exclusive games are the biggest point of thinking. There are many exclusive games for Nintendo, famous like the legend of Zelda and Super Mario.

Ps4's exclusive games are mainly adventure games and action games, and Xbox's exclusive games are mainly fps games and somatosensory sports games.

Of course, some time ago, Xbox started to put its exclusive games on steam, so PS4 with a computer seems to be more dominant, and these games are also available in win10 stores.

In terms of price, ps4 is cheaper and more cost-effective, and the new version of Xbox has stronger performance, so it is more expensive.

The switch's highly integrated feature of its own display is destined not to be cost-effective. If you only consider putting it in the dormitory to connect to the computer, the switch is not very suitable, and the more cost-effective PS4 is better.