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Taipei police use "Animal Crossing" to help players find a lost Switch


Animal Crossing focuses on a relaxed and casual social approach, making this game a hit during the epidemic. Not only has it become the fastest-selling work in the series, it has also stepped out of the game circle and became the first game for many non-traditional players to contact the console. Some media and organizations even use this game for job fairs and public welfare publicity. Recently, Taiwanese players even received emails from the police in the game. What is going on?

Recently, Taiwan’s Mr. Cheng’s Switch game console was accidentally lost. It was picked up by passers-by and sent to the local police station to report the incident. The police officer at the Heping East Road Police Station of Da'an Branch in Taipei City had an idea and used the Switch game "Animal Crossing" sends a letter to the owner's friend.

Taipei police use Animal Crossing to help players find a lost Switch

A netizen recently posted on Facebook that he had received a message in Animal Crossing and learned that his friend’s Switch was missing. The message read, "Hello, I am here at the police station on Heping East Road, Daan Branch, Taipei City. Because the account owner’s Switch was lost, some people picked it up, but there is no other way to contact the account owner, so I would like to trouble you to notify the account owner to receive it", Finally, leave the address and telephone number of the police station.

After receiving it, the netizen realized that it was his friend's Switch that was missing, so he quickly notified his friend to pick it up at the police station.

According to the "TVBS" report, it turns out that the owner of this Switch belongs to Mr. Zheng. When he was playing games, he went to the ATM. He conveniently placed the game console on top of the ATM and forgot to take it away. Someone picked it up and sent it to the police station.

In fact, the police officer did not play games at all. It was only after asking other colleagues that he could contact the friend of the game console owner with the messaging function, and finally contacted Mr. Zheng. After receiving the message from his friend, Mr. Zheng hurried to the police station. After receiving the legacy Switch,he thanked the police officers for their help.