TCL 65Q2M TV review: full of artistic atmosphere


In every home, a good television is indispensable; As the central equipment of environment of audiovisual sound, it should have not only "see" and "listen" important function, the integral environment that coordinates with the home even is tie-in. TCL's new 65Q2M TV, in addition to the familiar ultra-thin panel, 4K picture quality, network support and so on, also introduces the full screen concept of mobile phones and high-end harman stereo. TCL in the process of making the whole machine is particularly careful, crystal clear fuselage, line smooth appearance, really like in the home placed a canvas as full of artistic atmosphere.


The first impression of this TCL65Q2M is that it is exquisite. The 65-inch 4K screen in crystal black is very bright, and the visual impact of the full screen is also striking even on the TV. The thin back and border are made of bright black galvanized metal, which is perfectly connected to the cylindrical sound section at the bottom. As if its screen had just been pulled out of the scroll at the bottom. Border measured probably around 7 mm, consistent with the data of propaganda, Mosaic "haman caton" is at the bottom of the JBL and other high-end audio brand at the same level, at present the mainstream of European and American cars is basic to load the brand as the selling point, check the haman caton audio products are one thousand yuan of above, and TCL configuration in the TV, it shows the sincerity and quality of its products.

The ultra-thin, thick 6.9mm bottom extends to half the back of the fuselage, with a slightly heavier curve in the lower half; All the interface and data exchange is done here, the network, USB and HDMI are fully equipped. There is also a simple manual control button, in addition to the remote control, here can also complete the entire control of the TV. The base of this TV set is all genuine metal parts, holding in the hand has a sense of proportion. Once installed, TCL's designers took great care to create an elaborate tripod shape that matched the canvas concept.

In addition to the fine artistic face, beautiful full screen and professional level harman audio, its internal quality is also very strong, a multi-functional intelligent network TV use is smooth, can install more software depends on its hardware platform, the same as the smart phone; TCL65Q2M is equipped with A73+A53 dual architecture CPU, compared with the same level of other brands of TV running speed nearly double, and 2G flash memory and 32G large memory is now the standard of the 1000 yuan level of mobile phone, 32G memory capacity even if the installation of 30 or 50 software is not a problem.

Installation process simply and quickly, without any problems, when use still routinely measure the screen quality first, when see it glittering and translucent black screen is actually feeling does not have what problem, in fact is, the basic common gray-scale test, temperature test, 4 k quality appraisal and other major projects don't have any error; TCL's full screen can't find any light leaks or bad spots even at the edges. It was a perfect pass!

Have good screen collocation good acoustics, see a big shop to feel first. Under the display level of 65-inch 4K picture quality, the movie resource of 1080P becomes a drag; However, we can still feel the increase of picture quality brought by the exquisite screen texture to the full hd film. The jumping of characters and the switching of conflicting pictures are clear and clear. To its credit, the standard harman stereo is truly very awesome, with the high notes bright but not sultry, and the low notes deep but not harsh. The 30W sound power level is on par with that of a desktop integrated sound, and its sound quality exceeds expectations. More than enough for family use.