TCL TV has sound but no picture fix


Here are the solutions on how to fix TCL TV that has sound but no picture.

TCL TV has sound but no picture fix

How to fix TCL TV that has sound but no picture?​

1. After turning on the TV, there is only noise and no picture​

It is likely that there is a problem with the high frequency playback. According to the working principle of TCL TV, this kind of reason causes sound and no image. The picture tube can display the machine setting menu, and it has sound and video interfaces, and can play external audio and video signals.

2. There is normal TV program sound, no picture​

This shows that the high frequency, intermediate frequency and sound circuits are in normal working state, and there is no line output circuit without short-circuit faults. If the screen can display the TCL TV settings menu, then this problem is likely to be separated from the audio to the video playback section.

3. The sound is normal, there is no on-screen menu​

You can turn up the brightness and contrast of the TV, pay attention to the condition of the screen, and then turn off the TCL TV. If you see a flash of light on the screen and a slight discharge sound at the moment when it is turned off, you can be sure that the picture tube is no problem. At this time, it is necessary to see whether the filament of the picture tube is bright.

4. If it is a TCL TV with a remote control​

It is also possible to lose the image due to the failure of the CPU chip, causing the brightness to get out of control.