The best movie that makes you forget all the problems | Zootopia movie review


If Disney is a dreamlike existence, then this movie uses an animal utopian technique to show a crazy real world. Recommend everyone to take a look at this movie that can make you forget your troubles and regain the good yearning for life-"Crazy Animal City", Douban 9.2 high score, the praise rate is very high, and even entered the Douban animated movie ranking The top few.



This film took three years. In order to design lifelike animal characters, the creative team spent 18 months visiting zoologists and conducting 14 days of animal observation to familiarize themselves with the dynamics and expression of each animal.


So there is a character in the movie that makes people laugh a lot-the sloth, the slow posture and the speed of speaking are in sharp contrast with the eager rabbit. Even for such a small character, the creators spent a lot of energy to portray.

The animated films published by Disney seem to be a dream created for children. It allows girls to understand the courage, kindness, and courage of lovers, and boys to learn to be adventurous, grateful, and kind. It gives people all over the world. Both adults and children bring happiness. But this movie reveals the rules of the game that exist in the adult world.


Judy, a rabbit in the film, has many siblings and a pair of parents who run a farm business. Although Judy is a rabbit at the bottom of the food chain. But she did not succumb to no destiny, so she had a great desire since childhood, to become a policeman who punishes evil and promotes good. Although everyone around her said that it was just a dream, but with the firmness in his bones, Judy finally set foot on the yearning but dangerous animal city.


In fact, Judy symbolizes the vast majority of people in the society. They have no prominent background, but they have a dream and become a dream chaser. She was brave and kind, dared to try everything, did not give up, and finally succeeded.

The biggest highlight of the film is this super city that only Disney can imagine. It has a style that combines classics and crime like Los Angeles . Here the mighty carnivore lions, tigers, weak herbivores sheep, Tibetan antelopes, and humble omnivores hamsters can all coexist harmoniously here. But the seemingly beautiful world is actually full of danger.


Judy, who came to the police station, was confronted with tall and mighty predators, but the station was not afraid at all. In one case of animals missing one after another, Judy's heart of exploration was ignited, but the police officer just sent her to issue a violation sheet. During this period, Judy met Nick, a gangster fox, a character who lives for a small profit. So the two teamed up to reveal a shocking secret hidden in the crazy animal city.

Zootopia is actually a reflection of society. Every character in the film has very distinctive characteristics. People of all classes have their own game rules, but this rule is still oppressed by those high-level animals. As a result, carnivores control the world, and there is always an insurmountable gap between herbivores and carnivores. Each animal in the film has its own nature, and it is this nature that produces discrimination and prejudice against class, race, and occupation.


Who we are, our nature may not be able to be changed, but in fact everyone's thoughts can be changed, and we can all be that kind person to discover the unique and interesting aspects of everyone in a multicultural culture.

Judy: Life cannot be smooth sailing. We all make mistakes. No matter what kind of animal you are, the change starts with you.

In Zootopia, every animal has unlimited possibilities.
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