The Best R-rated horror comedy recommendation in 2020


This year can be described as a year when horror movies come together. Look back at the horror movies that were launched this year. Not only the new "Summer of Midsummer Night", "In the HigTall Grass", "We"


There are also sequel series "Sleep Doctor", "Happy Day 2 You", "Clown Resurrection 2" and "Annabel 3".
As well as "Ghost Baby's Resurrection", "Curse of a Weeping Woman", "Shooting Li", "Pet Cemetery", etc ...

The horror movie to be recommended today is not only rated as the "Highest Score Horror Thriller of the Summer" by international film critics, but also won the "Best Horror Film of the Year" by the audience of the well-known website CinemaScore.

This film is "Are you ready?"


This is an "explosive" black horror comedy. There are R-level or ungraded B-level film styles that are not suitable for children on the scale. In terms of plasma usage, it is definitely not stingy, full of fun, and the process is very stimulating and enjoyable .

If you must choose a horror movie to turn off the lights late at night and prepare snack fruits to watch, "Are you ready?" Will not disappoint you.

In the wedding night of a young guy and a wealthy girl. The young man was chased and killed by the girl's family member in the mansion. Eventually he was shot by the masked elders in front of the two young boys. What secret seems to be hidden in this family ...

30 years later

The hostess Grace and the 18-month-old boyfriend Alex (Marc O'Brien), who is in love with long-distance running, will hold a grand wedding in the castle.
It is the dream of every girl to marry her love. Not to mention "marrying into the giants." How rich is this giant? "More money than God"

Grace is immersed in happiness, romantic vows, sweet kisses ... everything looks so beautiful.


But everyone seemed to have a solemn expression except for Grace, and each had their own concerns .

At the end of the film, Grace walked out of the mansion alone in a wedding dress that had been stained with blood and red. She sat down and lit a cigarette, and there was a blaze in the back. The movie ends here .

"Are you ready?" Is not a serious horror horror film, combining black, suspense, and comedy elements. The end of this anti-routine is even more impressive. If you like a lot of violent plasma and like the magical and weird cult settings, this film is the best choice.
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