The Invisible Man movie 2020 cast, review, is it scary?


Recently in Movies The Invisible Man is downright excruciating for large portions of its runtime, as Whannell's camera slowly cranes through rooms, down ladders, and into silly CGI clouds of human breath where we suspect (know!) that someone we can't see is lurking.

The Invisible Man (2020)
Director : Ray Warner
Screenplay : Ray Warner / Herbert George Wells
Starring : Elizabeth Moss / Oliver Jason-Cohen / Aldis Hoge / Michael Doman / Storm Reed / More ...
Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller / Horror
Producer Country / Region: Australia / USA / Canada / UK
Language: English
Release Date: 2020-02- 28 (U.S.)
Length: 124 minutes

Horror stories have two main themes, one is death and the other is unknown.
Horror films use this kind of psychology to threaten the protagonist and stimulate the senses through the looming bad guys, supernatural ghosts, evil beasts, viruses or strange things ...
In addition, horror movies and darkness are a pair of traditional CP. In the dark low key (low key), nothing can be seen, it is easier to create an unknown horror atmosphere.
For example, the director David F. Sandberg, who is famous for his horror short films, he directed "After the Lights" to make the most basic "fear of black" fear of human beings.


When we were sleeping alone as a child, we were always afraid of turning off the lights. I always feel that there is something in the dark that I can't see, but I just feel there. It's really scary, we will quickly ask parents to turn on the lights.

Eliminating darkness is not so terrible.

But is it safe to turn on the light? If you still can't see anything after turning on the light, is it even more terrible?

This is the core idea of the first horror film "Invisible Man" in 2020.


In the film and television works adapted from the original "Invisible Man" in previous editions, the image of "Invisible Man" is a bandage geek wearing a bowler hat, sunglasses and a windbreaker.

This process, on the one hand, because of the special effects technology at that time, it was impossible to achieve complete invisibility in the movie. On the other hand, the invisible man in the original is such a person.

In the 2020 version of "Invisible Man", special effects technology has achieved the complete invisibility of invisible people.


The movie poster reads: WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE CAN HURT YOU (what you can't see will hurt you).

So, how scary is a horror film that does not see the villains? It is the biggest problem before the main creator, and the biggest expectation that the movie brings to the audience.

The creator of this version of "Invisible Man" is the screenwriter and starring Ray Warner of the classic horror film series "The Chainsaw".

Ray Warner is an old partner of the horror master Wen Ziren and has long served as a screenwriter for Wen Ziren. The two together created extremely successful horror films such as "The Chainsaw" series, "Dead Silence", "Living" series and so on.


Wen Ziren and Ray Warner
Although there are not many works directed by Ray Warner, in "Invisible Man", he has won the essence of his partner Wen Ziren to create a horror atmosphere, using multiple movie languages to achieve "invisible fear".


The reason why the film can achieve such a result is inseparable from the business philosophy of Brenhouse's focus on horror and thriller, small cost + polished boutique.

The horror atmosphere of the film is not accomplished by the special effects of burning money, but by the fine lens language mentioned above.

In terms of starring, only Elizabeth Moss is a slightly famous star, the other actors are unknown newcomers, and the total pay will not be very high.