The Midnight Gospel Netflix TV series Review: A divine drama combining God and cult

Nike Kidman

There are many adversities and adversities in human life. In times of adversity, can we still rely on God? look up to God, or complain about God and doubt God? 2. This little boy has a lot of learning centers. a. He has strong self-confidence, believing that he is in God's plan, believing that he is a warrior fighting for God. b. He has insight into people's needs and prays for his family, friends and neighbors all the time. c. He influences life with life, and grasps every possible time to preach the gospel. The second "Fireproof" film talks about the married life of a couple. Due to the pressure of life, the lack of listening, gratitude and cherishment of personal ideas has led a couple to the brink of divorce. But the father of the actor asked him to give him 40 more days as his father. In these 40 days, he wrote a 40-day plan book to his son. And asked him to follow what is written in the book every day. At first, when the male lead did, he kept feeling difficult to continue because his wife was completely indifferent. But his father kept encouraging him from time to time.

The Midnight Gospel Netflix TV series

Mysterious 420 Midnight Watch the Mysterious Midnight Gospel, I admire those who can pronounce the phenomenology very well in the first episode

Divine drama. Listening to the dialogue with closed eyes is the gospel of angels, and covering the ears to see the picture is the realm of the devil. At the same time, audio-visual will fight left and right brain explosion.

God made, very beautiful, I hope there will be a little more such cartoons


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Banananana...nanana (translation: I think I ate the wrong mushroom before watching the play. (Or screenwriter)
Life talk show in fantasy and animation. There are philosophical thoughts, the style of painting is pleasing, some views are very interesting, and even very healing. Chaos is contained in order, and thinking is born in chaos. Miscellaneous but not chaotic, fun!