The Most Surprising Animation about Latin American culture


The Latin American style of painting, the fantasy animation of the story will never get old. Hollywood cartoons, in the film industry, have almost achieved the ultimate. From the script to the style of painting, the excellent production of this DreamWorks constantly surprises us.

And when surprises continue to become almost a habit, the audience's desire for new surprises is also increasing.

At this time, different from the past novelty is particularly important. And this cartoon from Mexico [Monster Island] brings the novelty we want.

Monster Island

Recommended reason:
Trolltech Latin American style, take you into a different fantasy world

Recommended crowd: Latin American culture lovers, adolescents, parents

The Most Surprising Animation about Latin American culture

Watching tips:

1. The director of the film, Agra, won the Children's Choice Award for the Guadalajara International Film Festival with his animated feature film [Secret Medal] (2012).

2. Screenwriter Billy Frolic once wrote the script of [Madagascar].

3. The Mandarin dubbing version of the film invited stars such as Yao Chen, Guo Tao, Zhang Yibai, and Liu Yiwei to give their voices.

Movie review

Its novelty lies in the setting of painting style, which is very Latin American. As a cartoon about "monster", the shape of the monster and the imagination it embodies are the things we most want to see.

The Most Surprising Animation about Latin American culture

The long tradition of magical literature in Latin America is undoubtedly the best place to cultivate this imagination. In addition to characters, animals are different.

For example, a giant cloven-hoofed animal passing by leisurely in the film. The hair grows like a sheep, covering its face, only showing a long nose, but it has more than ten legs. This is obviously based on the brain holes created by animals living in the continental climate of South America.

The Most Surprising Animation about Latin American culture

These settings with very Latin American characteristics are very new and recognizable, and make people unforgettable.
For example, the market setting of Monster Island in the film is not only indistinguishable from human society, but also resembles the old buildings in Mexico. The rows are lined up and organized, but the colors are more gorgeous. What is interesting is that the buildings in the human city in the film are complicated and messy.

Compared to this monster-like city, the real "monster island" looks more livable.
For viewers who have watched a big movie and fell to their stomachs, such a peculiar little movie is also a good medicine for the spleen and stomach.