The new Switch model is under development?


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Samus Hunter, the former tipster who accurately broke the news about the new content of Animal Crossing, recently tweeted that he has got news about the new Nintendo Switch model. Samus Hunter said that Nintendo is indeed developing the next-generation model, but it has not yet reached the final stage.

Samus Hunter also said that Nintendo has distributed prototypes to some game developers for the purpose of gathering feedback.

The hardware standard for the new model will be completed in 2022, and only then will the corresponding game development officially begin. Samus Hunter also pointed out that don't expect news of a new model next year, as there is still a long way to go before it is announced.



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Samus Hunter said that Nintendo will also continue to improve the original Switch over the years, as well as to pave the way for new models. Thanks to the partnership with Nvidia, development support for the Switch will hold up for several more years.


There have been previous reports that Nintendo will release a Switch Pro (tentative name) that supports 4K output, among other things.