The Postcard Killings: Terrible Plot


The Postcard Killings (2020)
1h 44min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 13 March 2020 (USA)
Score: ⭐ ⭐

The story is too slow. Since the main line is father for daughter revenge, in fact, like the mother to find the murderer's father, or the part of the neighbor can be weakened. There was also a reporter whose branch lines didn't connect smoothly.

The first half I thought the killer brother and sister were dead daughters, a line of memory, but I was still too young. The strange man in front of the killer brother and sister is not necessary. It is better to give more scenes. The scenes in this movie are better, at least not as many as the plot loopholes.

In front of the portrayal of the father's pain and perseverance, in the pursuit of the road not to understand and resistance is actually good, but the description of the psychological words can be well from this aspect, more in-depth, the killer father, killer brother and sister character image appears to be some of the face spectrum flat, feeling like the same kind of abnormal.

I don't know if the scriptwriter wants to tell the story from multiple angles, but it is clear that he wants to express too much, but he expresses too little, without any emphasis, which is very confusing. It's like paint pouring out of your head.

The plot is really bullshit

What the hell is this? Police in other countries like idiots know who the killer is and can let them get away, everyone goes to the train to find the computer, did not think that the killer will be a false shot? That has been helping the police is also, you either don't arrest, arrest words can be professional? The father is, take the gun dare to walk, the murderer crashed his car when he don't panic, I thought he was very severe, and thus the results actually was crashed into the snow in a coma, the murderer was noble, also don't kill him, even he has to give guns, then father woke up, he stopped on the road side of the road also happens to have a car to save, the murderer is whet haw just don't kill people, have to like to his father.

The snow was beautiful, but the story really confused me.

Male killer dead also puzzling, female killer in the snow dragged him to walk, I thought this was the end, the end of a phone call, she did not die, you two are not for love? What do you mean you're alive? For part two?