The ROME Director Alfonso Caron: Women are always lonely


Among the finalists in the main Venice competition, there is only one female director's work. This news caused controversy at one time, and it was not until the official clarification that the female directors selected had few works, and it barely subsided. The female consciousness of the entries naturally needs someone to make up.

Alfonso Caron's [Rome] is one of them.

The main competition unit of the 75th Venice Film Festival

Director: Alfonso Caron

Starring: Yalitza Aparicio / Marina de Tavira

Movie rating: ★★★★

Caron set the background of the story in Mexico City in the 1970s.
This is the time and space of his youth. He expresses his affection with a profound poetic texture of black and white films. He is too familiar with this land and does not explain much to the environment. Only in a few words, it hints at the chaos of time and space, as if everything has already been carved into the bones and blood.

Either the accidental death of the child mentioned at the table, or the line that went on the road.

The ROME Director Alfonso Caron: Women are always lonely

This time and space is not flat. But Karon did not focus on the chaotic times. No matter how chaotic the outside world is, his footage moves around the house most of the time.

The shit in the porch can never be cleaned up. The children at the dinner table are noisy. Even when they go out, they watch movies and open their rooms. No matter what the big environment is, small families are still sending fireworks.

The ROME Director Alfonso Caron: Women are always lonely

These feathers make up the life of the heroine, the maid Cleo and her mistress. You may think of the famous feminist movie [Jean Dillman], so trivial that it crashes the audience, not to mention how the characters endure such a mechanical and boring life.

But do n’t be afraid, [Rome] has more dramatic conflicts.

Both the hostess and the maid face the destiny of being abandoned.

The general environment is turbulent, and the class status of the two is also different. But world peace or war, high or low class, can not stop the tragedy on women.

The ROME Director Alfonso Caron: Women are always lonely

This is the power of [Rome]: it is silent, and speaks of universal and fragmented female tragedies. This kind of female tragedy, even in the face of more grand human tragedies, should never be ignored and devalued.

I never imagined that in Karon's movie, I could see the scene of a large scumbag crime.

Of course, his treatment is not dog blood, but a disgusted look in front of small things, a low-level trick when evading responsibility, and a set of bragging tricks before going to bed is enough to make people laugh at their childish, absurd, and hypocritical.

Women are always alone. These words came from Karon's mouth and spoke out of women.

More preciously, he knew that women were aware of their situation. The world is not theirs. They are single-handed and helpless. The childish behavior of scum men deepens their doom.

But still retrograde from the huge waves, go ashore, in the vacated man's room, continue to work hard to live.