The Tale: All the hype about true love between adults and children is bullshit


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All advocate between the adult and the child is voluntary, is true love, the proposal all goes to see the director oneself when 13 years old by the sexual assault personal experience to shoot "letter story", extracted the silk silk to restore the victim in the child sexual assault case after the psychological construction and the heart road course, almost can say is the adult version of fang siqi.

Jenny, 48, a university professor and documentary filmmaker, has a steady boyfriend of three years and seems healthy and prosperous.

One day at home, my mother came across a composition that Jenny had written when she was 13 years old, which completely disrupted her life. In her essay, Jenny describes a love triangle at the age of 13 with Mrs. G., her equestrian teacher, and bill, her track coach.

Mother found Jenny, eager to find out what was going on. Jenny looked at the composition but did not take it seriously, thinking that her mother was fussy, and recalled that it was also the sweet and awkward first love between a young girl and a mature and charming teacher.

But soon her mother shattered her fond and self-deceiving memories with a picture of her when she was thirteen. The original thirteen - year - old she is not his memory of the slender girl, and almost or child appearance, a young face.

Then, Jennifer bit by bit through the memory of the fog, close to the brutal truth of that year. It turned out that for so many years, because of ignorance, escape, self-protection, Jenny has been using self-deception, fiction, falsification of memory to explain the relationship between her and the coach into love. But in reality, she was the victim. What the coach had done to her was nothing but seduction, sexual assault and crime, and she was far from the only victim.

The Tale

Jenny is faced with a more sophisticated seduction, so it is harder to detect, but the faint sense that something is wrong, Jenny also launched a defense mechanism, in the composition to establish themselves as the benefit of the relationship, and tampered with his memory of age.

It was in one class that Jenny was finally brought to her senses when a female student told her about her first sexual experience. The object of female classmate first sexual experience is the boy friend of childhood sweetheart bamboo horse, two people know each other since childhood, 17 years that year naturally produced sexual relations. The female classmate smiled shyly and said, although we were just children at that time, we didn't know anything, but the whole process was very sweet, I even felt myself a little bit of orgasm.

Jenny's doubts, then shock, turned into deep despair. Because she used to vomit every time she had sex with bill. After that, it took her a few years to enjoy the orgasm from sex. She had always thought that sex was so uncomfortable and disgusting, but it took her more than 30 years to learn that having sex, even for the first time, was sweet and happy.

At that moment, she finally knew that the love between her and bill was not love at all. Words could deceive, memories could deceive, but bodies could not.

Thirty-five years later, Jenny, then forty-eight, rushes up to bill, her track coach and now a sports personality, and tells him, painfully but firmly, "I hate every minute of my time with you."

Lin yi had written in the face, anyway the girl after being assaulted in the 100 hours, or 100 days, food as usual, dress as usual, talk as usual, urine as usual, must not be not consensual sex. As long as there is no one cry two make three hanged, is love. No one wants to imagine how complex the current defense mechanisms for trauma can be.

So can we take a moment and try to imagine how complex the defense mechanisms are for the victim's trauma?