The Way Back : The man who drank beer at the construction site is back


The man who drank beer at the construction site was back. However, in the past, he drank beer directly with Hao Jiyou, but now he drinks beer in a thermos in his middle age .


Yes, our teacher is back. In fact, strictly speaking, "Road to Return" is not the first work that the teacher returns (the "Father's Last Will" starring Anne Hathaway), but "Road to Return" starring the teacher is one aspect On the other hand, the return of the protagonist's journey from alcoholism to self-salvation seems to reflect the spiritual baptism process of the teacher himself. I believe it is meaningful for him and his fans.

"The Way Back" (The Way Back) so far Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores are as follows:



The film tells that once the basketball star Jack became alcoholic after losing his son, causing him to lose his wife and family and gradually fall. By chance, Jack decided to serve as the head coach of the alma mater high school men ’s basketball team. On the one hand, he regained his enthusiasm for basketball, on the other hand, he also struggled with his alcohol addiction.

This is a very old-school inspirational movie. For middle-aged men, the two factors that are most likely to be troubled are career and family .



The teacher at the beginning of the construction site suddenly made people dream of "Mind Catcher" . In the end, it was a Hollywood man who came from the construction site to the construction site.


At this time, Jack had no "career". It was nothing more than working on the construction site during the day, and going to the bar every night to drink smartly.
Until one day, Jack received a call from Bishop Hayes High School priest. The meeting explained that the current basketball team coach could not continue to serve for special reasons, so he specially invited Jack to be the coach of this young and unsuccessful high school men's basketball team.


Jack naturally refused immediately, but the priest expressed confidence in looking forward to his reply after consideration.

In the priest's house, the first thing I saw was the honor of Jack hanging on the wall in high school. It is strange that these things should be in his collection, but in the godfather's house. Jack stood at the godfather's house and looked at his own honor on the wall. It suddenly made me feel like he was out of business. I think this sensational point is well grasped, so that the viewers immediately regain their energy, and can't help exploring the truth behind the man with the story.

It seems that this invitation was indeed a huge pressure on Jack. After returning home, Jack brewed his refusal while drinking from the refrigerator.


I have to say that this scene of constant drinking is really scary, especially when I secretly fill the mug with beer every time I go to the construction site. This movie is rated R-rated. In addition to more swear words, the film also records Jack's alcoholism. For the entertainment news, or the paparazzi who is now being taken out as an emoji, it is difficult to feel the situation of the teacher at that time. The movie "Road of Return" itself is okay, and the teacher itself is okay. The bold collection of his real-life shots, on the one hand, does have a little more sense of reality, on the other hand, it can be seen that the teacher is as active in confession and change as he is talking about the past.


At the beginning it was a Thanksgiving scene. Jack and the children of the sister ’s family got along very well. This was beyond my expectation. I thought it would be the kind of unpleasant uncle image. I do n’t know. Is it a mapping for revealing Jack's family experience.

In the first scene in the movie where he met his wife ("True Love" and "Green Arrow" played by Jenina Gawanka), Jack first learned that his ex-wife had a new love life, which made him very painful. In fact, the two have been separated for more than a year, which is the point that Jack has been unable to get out of the shadow of the past. Unlike his ex-wife who is trying to live again, Jack chooses to use alcohol to anesthetize himself, and uses pain to always remind himself of his loss. The same is true in real life. Ghana chose to leave this teacher, not because he no longer loves, but because such a decadent relationship is not as good as not having it, and it hurts.


The conversation between the two mentioned Miguel and Sofia's birthday party for David, which was consistent with the phone Jack had hung up. It was later learned that it was another family of the child treatment hospital that used to be Jack's son, which is why Jack has slowly refused to attend the birthday party. The night after the conversation, there was a "cause of alcoholism" during Jack's first coaching experience .

At the end of the film, one side is a young field, and the other side is the Jack in the sunset playing alone in the treatment center . This kind of non-reunion ending also gives people a warm heart. Jack, or this teacher, his road of redemption is still going on. It is gratifying that they can now face it calmly, accept it seriously, and admit it boldly. This is to greet them or a successful career :