Togo Director Ericson Core taught the gangbusters a direct lesson


As a big Internet movie, "Togo" can be quite touching and uplifting. It can make you gape and sigh during the watching process: "how did it happen?" "Why so touching?" The Disney team and "Point Break" director Ericson Core were great, teaching the world's biggest gangbusters a direct lesson.

Male master uses sled dog to transport serum through the extreme evil environment to save the sick children. It seems like a one-sentence plot, but it really spends money, energy and effort to catch various complex scenes and human and dog emotions, so it can not only meet the needs of sensory stimulation, but also can be a natural way to poke the audience's tear sac.

In the statement of the time after the background, Willem Dafoe as the hero, is about to embark on the road to take the serum. And the doctor said, "since there is no gold, there is no luck." , also from the side of the foil adventure future difficulty and danger.

Even the mayor arrives late at night, pinning his hopes on the hero and Togo's dog, which gives one a great suspense -- how can they get out of danger?

The film then flashbacks, the hero against the Alaskan dog prejudice, at first did not accept it. But the puppy is a bit of unrequited love, in the next door to the "dogs" watching, screaming, it learned to dig out of prison. It was fun to emerge from the kennel and chase your master's sleigh.

The owner wouldn't have liked it, but even if the door had been nailed down, Togo would have been able to get the fireplace on top of the house and out of the smoke vent; Give Togo to the lady who lives alone, and it will run back to its owner.

Back on the adventure, 1,084 kilometers (674 miles) away from the nearest vaccine store, ice and traffic were freezing in the winter. After all, he was the director of "Point Break". He restored the extreme environment such as snow mountain, cliff and glacier to the peak.

Togo Director Ericson Core taught the gangbusters a direct lesson

Like the sleigh racing into the snow and ice storm in the scene, shot very mysterious and thriller feeling. In the male master over the snow mountain, under the car, he almost fell into the cliff. At that time, the other dogs were confused. Togo obeyed his master and turned around to browse the snowy mountains with the other dogs, which gave everyone confidence and leadership.

The ice in The back was in chaos and broke, and The scene of The sleigh racing with The dogs also found The visual sense of "The Day After Tomorrow", which could be regarded as a classic moment in The film history dedicated by "Togo". As the ice drifts further and further from the shore, the owner can only throw Togo to the shore, where he is able to pull 10 dogs and sled by himself to escape.

On the way to deliver the serum, Togo and many dogs were nearly exhausted to death. The owner held the dying Togo and welcomed people's help late at night, which was a little Hollywood. However, in the stage of Togo's recuperation at home, the male mainly went out to "pull practice", but Togo still chased him out to let the owner know that "I always thought he was cleaning the sledge, and finally I found that it was always for me", instantly telling the main idea of the film, quite interesting.

Togo Director Ericson Core taught the gangbusters a direct lesson

The plot of the adventure is made like a superhero film, in which Togo and the hero survive a near-death experience. The traditional hero aura is too obvious. Always let Togo run throughout the whole, looking a little bit repetitive, willem dafoe played the leading role only perseverance and courage, did not show extraordinary wisdom, judgment, professional skills, are the film some defects, but it does not prevent it to become a benchmark classic.

The Call of The Wild, starring Harrison Ford, was released in 2020, but willem dafoe's Togo surprised everyone at The end of The 19th century. Based on a statue in New York City's central park, the legend of god dog, which was praised by time magazine in 2011, was beautifully restored by the Disney team. No wonder they are the world's leading film team.

Good, brave, loyal, single-minded Togo, long gone! What remains is the persistence of dogs and humans, and the resistance and resilience in the face of adversity.

Togo Director Ericson Core taught the gangbusters a direct lesson