TOP 5 TV series of all time: Game of Thrones missed top3, top1 cannot be surpassed


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Today, the editor will give you an inventory of the five most popular TV series in the American drama series, and see if everyone has chased the drama. At present, you can choose to collect the drama, which is definitely enough for you to watch for a while! (Only the inventory has been broadcast)

1. "Friends"


The series is a sitcom in American television, mainly created by David Klein and Marta Kaufman, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow Starring. The story is centered on six old friends living in Manhattan, New York, and describes the ten years of wind and rain they have traveled together. In addition to maintaining the top ten ratings of the year after the hit, and also receiving countless awards, the show ’s Douban score is as high as 9.7 every season, which is almost one of the most popular TV series in history. From the story ’s release to today, 20 years later, this The civilian classics continue to be popular all over the world.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The play is an American sitcom directed by Marc Sendroski and co-starred by Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Carre Zucco and others. It was broadcast on CBS in 2007. The play tells a funny life story of four otaku scientists and a beautiful neighbor. This American drama has set off a "scientist craze" in Europe, America and China, becoming the most successful comedy in American TV dramas in recent years. At the same time, the play attracted a large number of regular audiences with the increasingly popular "house culture".


3. Better Call Saul

The play is an American crime television series directed by Colin Baksi, Vince Gilligan, and others, co-starring Bob Odencock, Leia Sejon, Patrick Fabian, and others. The background of the story is set in 2002 and tells the story of how a small lawyer named James Morgan McGill, known as Jimmy, struggled step by step into Sol Goodman, a lawsuit for the bad guys six years later. After the hit, in addition to winning countless award-winning ratings, the show ’s good episode quality also earned it a good reputation. Especially in the spin-off remakes that have been playing badly in the past two years, "Fengshao Lawyer" is definitely one of the few consciences that can stand up to gimmicks.

4. Breaking Bad

The play is a crime television series starring Adam Bernstein and Michelle McLaren as directors, and starring Brian Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gang, and others. It tells the legendary crime story of an ordinary high school chemistry teacher who learned that he was terminally ill and used his extraordinary chemical knowledge to make drugs and became the world's top poison king. The reason why the play successfully captured the audience's heart is that it successfully awakened the mental unconsciousness of modern urbanites. This kind of psychological unconsciousness comes from the archetype in mythology. It stands at a high place in the world, sees through the deepest part of human nature, and is also a portrayal of the life of real urban people. This is the profound and touching part of this divine drama.

5. "Game of Thrones"

The play is a medieval epic fantasy TV series produced and produced by the American HBO TV network. Adapted from the fantasy novel "Song of Ice and Fire" series by American writer George R.R. Martin. Directed by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Alan Taylor, and others, starring Peter Dinaki, Linna Heidi, and others. Although the eighth season ended badly, the quality of the entire series is remarkable. At least the adaptation of the play did not appear "schizophrenic." Its idea is the same, that is, to maintain the original flavor of the original premise, to make the TV show more refined and more focused. Moreover, the completeness of the space, the richness of the details, and the arbitrariness of the narrative are amazing.