Top TV Series - Kill Eve Dark Side Got Me Impressed


Eve was originally just a small screw on a British intelligence machine, insignificant, and nobody noticed. So, like the little perverted Villanelle, she also wanted to be seen. She began to track down the female killer that everyone thought didn’t exist! But what she didn't expect was that when she found the mirror of the little villain Villanelle, she realized that she was not what she thought she was.


She also has a "perverted" aspect. For example, she did not report the truth after stabbing the little pervert with a knife. She almost pushed a man who was rude to her off the platform at the subway station.

Her career has improved because of the little perverted Villanelle, becoming important. But at the same time, the relationship with the little perverted Villanelle also made her fear that she didn't know what she would do. And the decision to turn around and leave at the end of the second season can also be seen, her perseverance in duties exceeded the "fascination" with the little pervert, so Villanelle fired.

The two of them are each other's mirrors. The little perverted Villanelle passes the mirror of Eve, knowing that there are people who understand that they "see" themselves. Through Villanelle, Eve sees the other side of herself.