Train To Busan: best Korean horror movie about zombies


We're leaving on that Zombie Train to Busan (leaving on the undead train).We are used to seeing Korean horror films about ghost, but Zombies!? This was refreshing. In this film, a neglectful dad tries to make amends with his daughter by riding with her on the train (which she wanted to go by herself) to take her back to his ex-wife. “Lucky” for both of them as a zombie outbreak happens while they are on the train. Now, their only hope for survival is to make it to the Busan stop.

You really can't go wrong with a Zombie movie. Train to Busan is definitely a good one too. It’s filled with interesting characters. Other than the father daughter team, the train is also occupied by a pregnant women and her macho and humorous husband, a school girl and her baseball player boyfriend and some homeless wonderer who saw the outbreak first hand, just to name a few.


The social commentary speaks on what you are made of as an individual and as a society with the best and the worst coming out of everyone during this crisis. In this film, it doesn't just offer plenty of nail-biting thrills and impressive special effects, it offers emotion and splendid characters whom you can properly invest in. It's a powerful film which wears its heart on its sleeve and contains more character development in two hours. Once the film was over I became overcome with emotion. I felt like I could just break down and cry at what I had just watched. This is so much more than a zombie flick, at its heart it's a devastating drama about family and the importance of human kindness. I loved it.


the new Korean film "Train to Busan" is earning a lot of positive words of mouth and box office success since its debut in the Midnight Screenings section of this year's Cannes Film Festival.