Tutorial: How to Connect Your LG Projector to Computer


1. HDMI Cable Connection
Connect the two ends of the HDMI cable to the LG projector and the computer. After the successful connection, Select HDMI source on your LG projector, of course, some projectors can automatically identify signal source (win10 system computer can also identify to HDMI), direct switch.

2. VGA video output line connection
Preparation: VGA converter, VGA video output line, VGA connected computer, LG projector
Since the intelligent projector supports less VGA input, a converter is needed to connect.

Turn on the LG projector and computer respectively, then connect the VGA converter to the LG projector, then connect the VGA video output line to the computer and the other end to the VGA converter. Finally, make sure you selected HDMI source on your LG projector.