TV or Projector? Which should I choose between large-screen TV sets and projectors?


Many families today begun to abandon traditional TV sets and use projectors as daily viewing equipment. Because the projector has the advantages of a large screen and protection of eyesight, this is beyond the reach of traditional TV sets. Of course, this does not mean that the projector will replace the TV. After all, the TV also has its own unique advantages.

At present, there are generally two views, one is that the projector cannot replace the TV, and the other is that the projector is far more than the TV. Today we will briefly analyze these two views!

Dangbei  Projector F1

Dangbei Projector F1​

The projector cannot replace the TV
Although both are video playback devices, at present, there is still a big gap between the projector and the TV, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:
One is that the resolution is not enough ; the current TV, 4K resolution is already the basic configuration, but in the projector field, the current mainstream resolution is still 1080P resolution, although there is also a 4K resolution, but the price is not There are advantages.

The second is the influence of ambient light ; the brighter the ambient light, the less visible it is. This is a problem faced by almost all projectors. At present, there are also high-brightness projectors, but they still cannot match the brightness of TVs.

What's Projector better than TV

The projector is not useless, otherwise many families will abandon the traditional TV set and use the projector as a daily viewing device, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, the screen size is large ; the most intuitive feeling of the projector and TV is the screen size. Normally used as a home TV, the size is usually about 55-65 inches, and the projector can project a 100-120 inch screen, although the projector The size of the screen is related to the distance, but is there no 2.6 meters from wall to wall in the ordinary family living room / bedroom?
The second is to save land ; although today's TVs have been made very thin and can be installed in a variety of ways, they can be placed on TV cabinets, embedded in walls, or directly hung with removable brackets, but compared with projectors , Slightly worse. The projector can be hung from the ceiling without occupying any effective space. The curtains on the wall can also be hung or not, especially for rooms with small bedrooms, the projector can be perfectly matched.

Dangbei Projector F1

The third is easy to move ;

compared to the bulky TV set, the projector should be moved much better. Take a 43-inch Xiaomi TV as an example, the size is 963.2 * 557.7 * 67.4mm, the weight of a single screen is 7.1KG, and the weight of the base can reach 7.34KG. For example, the size is 255 * 183 * 84mm, and the weight is only 2.1KG. Especially for those who rent a house, it is more appropriate to choose a projector.

The fourth is eye protection ;

we all know that the TV must be very eye-protective, so does the projector protect the eyes? I said nothing, so I also found some information on the Internet. The following is a set of experiments for your reference:
1. The experimenter from Zhejiang Eye Hospital asked his child to do an experiment in 4 days (do not imitate).
2. Within four days, give your child 20 minutes each to play ipad, watch TV, play mobile phone, and watch the projector.
3. The experiment will record the number of blinks in one minute, and the time for detection, optometry and tear film rupture after 20 minutes of using the eye.
4. The test results are shown in the figure below. At a glance, the projection is the most eye-protective. The diopter effect is 0.104D, which is almost close to the natural eye diopter of 0.083. The mobile phone and IPAD are as high as 0.438D, which is more than 5 times more than the natural eye. Moreover, the fatigue caused to the eyes by using a mobile phone or IPAD for 10 minutes is equivalent to the effect of watching TV for 30 minutes.


So whether to buy a projector or a large-screen TV?

From the above, the projector and the TV have their own advantages, so we have to look at our own needs.
If most of the elderly or middle-aged and older people in the family still keep the habit of watching TV, it is better to install a TV;
If you are a young group and have children, it is best to install a projector. After all, the projector is more eye-protective than a TV. In addition, the effect of the projector during the day is not so unbearable, and it is equipped with a better curtain Even in the daytime or when the lights are on, the effect is still very good, of course, the effect is better at night.