Updating Legacy Audio System


Looking for product recommendation and advice on how to make this work! My 1980’s Sony receiver died and I need to replace it. My criteria for my “new” sound system is:

- Audio only
- Receiver that has inputs for RCA phono plug (Sony turntable) and CD player (Onkyo)
- Would like to play same music from the receiver to 3 different locations
- Current Speaker Setup:
- 2 pairs of good quality wired bookshelf speakers
- 4-zone stereo speaker selector switch, which has broken wire terminals.
- Would need to replace box if I were to stay with wired speakers. I am willing to buy converter kits for 2 speaker pairs and purchase 1 pair wireless (if possible to mix speaker types)
- Or if better solution, I am willing to purchase new wireless speakers for all 3 rooms

Thank you for any guidance/advice you can provide me!