Vankyo Leisure 3 2400 Lux LED portable projector user review


I've done a lot of research before buying this projector, and my head is turning to chopping, and there's a lot of information out there, and if you've never bought a projector, it might be confusing. I'd like a projector for movies and art projects.

This is a winner because it fits my budget, comes with all the wires needed, and has a focus lens. Based on what I read, and perhaps incorrectly, other projectors in this price range can only be looked at by distance. Yes, this is a factor, but the image can be focused without depending on the distance. So I ordered Vankyo and hoped it would be good. I don't think it's more than good at this price.

The project arrived earlier than expected (about 4 days ago), so that's good. I was surprised how compact it was. It comes with a package that looks very high quality and everything inside is well protected. The setup is simple, connect it to your laptop, it's up and running immediately, the menu is easy to navigate, and you can use the Settings to find the Settings that are right for you. I don't have any sound problems, we might attach it to the speakers because the surround sound is better than it appears, but it still gets the job done. The fan is quiet, audible but not annoying, and you can still hear clearly whatever you're looking at. There's a sound in the video, I don't know where it comes from, rest assured it's not a fan or a speaker because that's really annoying.

Vankyo Leisure 3

This is a great little projector, and I took pictures and videos at about 8:45 in the morning (if it goes up), and it was projected onto white paper, yes, I know, high-tech. The image is clear and I just want to show that you can use it at any time of day. If I had to buy it again, the result would be better than I thought. Use outdoors on clear nights to break down the usual "tv-watching" every night. I took it out of the box and put everything there to make sure everything was there, and it was.

It comes with an HDMI cable, a 3-way audio/video cable and a power cord. It has a remote that only controls the projector, a rubber lens cover and, of course, a power cord. It has a projector, installed in the projector, which is quiet enough for indoor use, but it can be connected to external speakers through a headphone connection on the side. It also comes with a fabric box with two separate compartments at the bottom and folders such as pockets on the lid. The left compartment in the base is used for the projector itself, which has a belt attached to the Velcro to secure the item firmly in place when carried. The second one is a little smaller. It is used to secure all the cables and the remote control. It does not have any straps to hold any cables in place, but all cables are placed in the compartment attached to the projector, which fits and does not require anything to hold them all in the compartment. The pocket on the cover is mainly used for manual and quick start guides. You can put the remote or cable or 2 into it, but you can't be sure it won't slide on top of the projector. I don't think the cable will damage the projector case, but the remote control may damage the lens case, that's just my opinion. It is not equipped with wifi dongal. You have to buy it separately. The quick start guide is very easy to understand, as is the user's manual. My 7-year-old nephew uses quick start to connect the cable and start playing the movie, which is so easy to use.

It has a plastic case and 2 ways to adjust the picture. The first is used to adjust the sharpness of the image, and the second is used to adjust the "tilt" of the image vertically on the screen. If you place the projector about 6 to 7 feet from the screen, it's actually a perfect image from the factory setup. For smaller screen sizes it can be placed closer together or farther away it can be placed on a larger screen, but the further back you go 10 feet the harder it is to think of the image as being in focus. It isn't so bad, it could not be completed, but the picture is very good, 6 to 7 feet in the distance a quiet, so I didn't, I have connected my DVD player PS4, Xbox, Wii, satellite Dish network DVR, my samsung S8 + cell phones and Fire, all of which made a good picture on them. I like to play all my video games with the projector. With no delay time, I could see everything much faster than a 42-inch TV screen.

If you're stuck with a small TV, this is a huge step forward. The picture is clear and it looks great. It's very close to the same quality you see in movies, but it's not accurate.

It's a very small difference that most people don't even notice, and if you watch a lot of movies on a big screen in a theater, you'll notice a subtle difference. In my opinion, from the quality of the screen, of course the theater is using better projectors, but if you want it to look exactly like a movie theater screen, then you may not be satisfied with this or any other projector that I know of and certainly not "movie theaters." Lol every device I connect to has the exception of Wifi dongal connection, which is very easy to connect and only takes a few minutes to actually watch the movie. The Wifi dongal I bought was a little hard to get to work, but it wasn't the projector at all. After I connected, it was like the rest, a great color picture that made me feel like I was in my own backyard movie.