Vankyo Low Budget Projector V600-Main Gripe after 2 yrs using

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Is Vankyo Low Budget Projector any good? Back in 2017 my LED TV Died, the back light gave out. I had replaced a few items on it a about 7 months prior. During this time I didn't have the funds for a new TV in my budget. I had an older ViewSonic projector laying around that I used during the summer for outdoor. I opted to put this up and use it in the meantime to get by.

About 2 years went by and the bulb on the projector went out, so I went looking for a replacement bulb. Keeping in mind I knew the cheaper the bulb the worse it will be, so I located a Bulb that had good reviews on it, with a few hits or misses. I ordered it and replaced it, was about $120. About a month goes by and POP, the bulb busted. I contacted the Vendor and they replaced it. This one lasted several months but we noticed it was getting dimmer. This was one of the complaints in the reviews. I contacted the vendor and they stated they couldn't help me. So I went looking again, Found another bulb for about the same price and it was a little brighter, but also dimmed. So my thoughts, maybe the Projector is just getting old (I've had it for a long time). I do have a proper set up as well, ceiling mounted, proper screen (roughly 82" screensize).

So I started looking for a replacement. I came across the Vankyo V600. The reviews were decent and fair and for the price, it was in my Budget (which was only $200 at the time). I bought it (this was back in about Oct/Nov. 2019). As some have put it in other comments on here, yes, And we are happy about it. We aren't ones for the high end theater, also not real crappy video, but I will agree that the BenQ beats the Vankyo out, and I honestly don't understand why they are in comparison. The video quality on the Vankyo is better than what I had for the View Sonic, it is brighter and allowed me to have a larger screen

Vankyo Low Budget Projector V600-Main Gripe after 2 yrs using

Also a plus for me was the HDMI input and audio out (was previously using an HDMI to VGA converter to hook up my firestick to the projector and audio went to a sub par bluetooth speaker). At the time I didn't have my old receiver setup. Now that I do and with the HDMI out, I have the firestick connected to the HDMI port and also can send the audio to the Receiver. I am honestly pleased with the Vankyo, and I understand how it is, but for what I had available at the time, and the cost of TV's (honestly not wanting to go back to a regular TV) was more than I wanted to pay for the screen size (I originally had a 72" LED, of the first LEDs). With that said, we've started putting a small amount to the side to purchase a higher quality Projector, even if it is the low end BenQ. I'll use the Vankyo for outside.

Vankyo Low Budget Projector V600-Main Gripe after 2 yrs using

BenQ TH585 vs. Vankyo V630

Currently my main gripe about this projector is the fact that you cannot really clean it. With my View Sonic I used to take it down and air it out and clean the lense, every few months. The Vankyo V600 only has a simple access port, I blew out the fan and areas, but made it worse around the edges. I don't have any long enough Q-Tips for cleaning, and honestly they don't make difference than just the Canned Air. I tried taking it apart, but the area near the HDMI and other outputs is tricky to remove, and I don't want to break it. So now, the dust is noticable on the edges during bright scenes (its probably not that bad, but still, the annoyance of not cleaning it right).

I could also say, the brightness could be a little better, but for the most part for having it a s low end projector its not bad, I don't regret purchasing it, it fit our needs and its purpose when I purchased it. Its hard to justify, if you are looking into a Projector and have a small budget ($250 to maybe $500), I could say get this and use the additional funds you have for a Proper Screen, as the screen does make a difference, put aside any other funds not used. Save up, and then expand to a better projector, do your research and take your time. The Vankyo will still work as an outdoor Projector if you replace it, or just sell it.

That said, I am pretty sure others in this sub have other options, but some of us (not the ones who jump on the option just because it says 4k), have our reasons, but as an entry projector with a slim budget its ok. If you can spare the additional funds and wait longer to set aside funds for a better one, like the BenQ, then I would. Just make sure you have everything you need and thought of everything (Type of Screen, making any changes to place the projector, or changes to the audio for the projector). Cheers.


I'mma guess the highly praised Vankyo (and I mean only praised by random YouTubers) falls short of the Ben Q.

Honestly, I'd love to check out one of those Vankyo projectors. Might make a nice unit to abuse outdoors during the summer.
thx for sharing this.
We bought cheap projectors just because it fit our needs at that moment.
So I'll choose the $200 one other than a brighter, better $2,000 model